We tackled the task of completing the “I” section of the roof by installing the eleven rafters we made these last few days. It was a bit of a juggle to get the two towers in place so we could hoist up the longer rafters and get to the other end to screw the bevel ends onto the diagonal beams.

By lunch time, we had finished the upper section (doing I7 to I12 rafters) and took down the winch support pole to move it along to deal with the other group of rafters (from I5 to I1).
After lunch, we managed to get the one tower into position to install I5, I4 and I3 and finally used the ordinary ladder to get right into the corner of the building (this is in Bedroom 3) to finish off with I2 and I1 in total darkness.



Well, actually we had the floodlight on so we weren’t totally barred from doing our job!!
Tomorrow, we will move around and tackle the “E” section and have them installed in a similar manner and time – we hope!

By Shaun

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