After a slight delay to the start of the working day, we proceeded with the preparation task for the collection of rafters over the front extension of the roof. We brought in 16 more plywood strips and cut the new 33 degree angled ends on them all. Next, on half of them, cut the notch clearance for fitting onto a wall.
Then, we chopped all the pieces of timber to their required lengths and collected 12 straight noggings and 8 diagonal noggings plus also 7 strips of the polystyrene foam and finally cleaned up all the saw dust and rubbish to finish off the preparation work.
After lunch, we then proceeded to assemble and glue and nail together the four rafters in the usual fashion and got them all done in record time. We are managing to get the time down to around 40 minutes per rafter which is rewarding especially when we first started, we were running at about 60 minutes!!
Tomorrow, after the rafters has dried, and the weather being hopefully good, we will go and installed them up into the roof and then measure the next set to fill in the triangular sections up to the steel I-Beam.

By Shaun

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