We resumed our work (after a two day break) on manufacturing the remaining rafters for the “J” and “L” sections of the roof. There were 10 individual elements plus an odd one to fill in a small gap up on the “L” section near the steel I-Beam.
Half way through the task, after lunch, we went outside to measure the last set of rafters that connects to the steel I-Beam and these were on the “H” and “P” sections (at opposite ends of the house) the “H” being over the back door and Utility room + Bedroom 3 and the “P” section solely over the Great Room. We moved the scaffolding tower to each end of the building and did the measurements, ready for our spreadsheet .. it was very cold out there!
We finished the last four rafters after that, all done by 5pm and they are now curing. All ten will have their bevel ends cut on Monday and installed Tuesday.

By Shaun

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