Yesterday morning and this morning, we continued with the calculations for the Slates and all the accessories to cover our roof. A 18 page spreadsheet was used to quantify the number of tiles, the number of rows and what sort of angled adjustments is needed for the various hips and valleys ends, depending on which roof section is under the spotlight. We are getting close to a final set of numbers, just need to run through the calculations again to verify the results before we start the process of ordering everything. The quantities are as follows:

  • 17200 300mm x 200mm “normal” slates
  • 700 300mm x 300mm “wide” slates
  • 3550 metres of 50mm x 25mm tiling battens
  • 700 metres of 38mm x 25mm counter battens
  • 300 metres of 1.5 metre wide Breathable water barrier membrane
  • 90 metres of valley drainage channel

We just need to double check these figures, plus any other material we would need, like for example, for the guttering and anything else for our roof!

By Shaun

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