May 092019

Because we had an interruption of work outside, due to rain all day Wednesday and also Thursday morning, we switched over to doing alternative work indoors. This time, we tackled the task of sorting out the design and quantity for the Oak timber used in our windows in the house. The windows will be our next task to do after we have finished putting the slates on the roof.

We have 13 windows as follows:

  • 9 large windows, 1700mm wide
  • 2 medium windows, 1100mm wide
  • 2 small windows, 500mm wide

They all have a height of 1600mm and are set at 500mm above the floor level.

This is the basic design of all windows (showing the front and side cross-sectional views)

The glass we are planning to use is triple glazing units which measures 50mm thick so some adjustments is needed to the framing to accommodate this. We had originally planned to use double glazing, one on the outside and one on the inside. But we can get better performance in thermal insulation using the triple glazing units at barely higher prices since triple glazing is becoming more popular.

The Oak timber summary (of 2m long planks) is:

  • 12 pieces of 50 x 160 mm for the sills
  • 12 pieces of 50 x 160 mm for the lintels
  • 26 pieces of prime 35 x 95 mm for vertical framing pieces
  • 52 pieces of 20 x 90 mm for the octagon “covers”
  • 52 pieces of 25 x 20 mm for the glass beading

We will start processing these oak pieces whenever we have rain in the future and build up a stockpile inside our dry house, ready for the day when we do the windows!

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