Oct 072017

This morning, we resumed the task of installing the remaining seven rafters in the current batch we have made this week. It has been a week of learning techniques, tricks, adjustments and other time saving methods and use of tools, to get our Second Stage Rafters to be created and installed as quickly as possible. We installed all 7 rafters in less than 3 hours!

The Batch of Seven Rafters Is Up and Installed!


The Batch of Seven Rafters Is Up and Installed!


We have now done 12 400mm wide rafters, each being about 5 metres long, all along the “A” wall, mostly over the Kitchen but half the Great Room too. There are a further 188 (yes that’s right! one hundred and eighty eight!!) rafters to go right around the whole house! But the calculations of how long it took to create one rafter for that given length, and how long it took to get up and installed into the roof framework, we estimate that it will be about the middle to the end of November when we got them all up! There may be time where we can speed up (because they are smaller and easier to handle) but also there may be times when we hit a snag (larger lengths in complicated positions or unforeseen obstacles) so we have to be realistic and the end of November is the more likely target. ! Phew!

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