Today, we started on the next task of creating the rafters that goes up and down the Hip and Valley diagonal beams, with each rafter getting shorter or longer, depending on which direction we are working in.
we made a measuring guide tool to help us line up where the first of the shorter rafters will sit on the diagonal beams, by projecting a side arm sticking out from the two neighbouring rafters and sliding the tool up until it rests on the hip or valley beam. This is then the correct distance apart (which is multiples of 612mm spacing). We did this for A5 rafter (in the PA corner in the Great Room) and for A18 rafter (the AB corner over the Front door extension and stairways). They came out at 4340mm and 4035mm respectively. We plugged these values into our spreadsheet and we now have the calculated lengths for the remaining rafters A4 to A1 and A19 up to A23.
The afternoon was spent on preparing the material pieces, 24 strips of the plywood, 5 lengths of 63mm CLS and 3 lengths of 89mm CLS timber. The plywood webbing were sorted out and had their 32degrees angled ends sliced off, ready for assembly. Further calculations and double checking on sizes etc. was processed, and when we resume on Wednesday, we can look at starting the assembling task and making the rafters.

By Shaun

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