Oct 112017

We carried on with the preparation task for making the final Ten rafters that makes up the Roof section along the “A” wall. These ten rafters are the in-fill pieces that both goes along the Hip rafter (five for the PA diagonal travelling across the Great Room) and for the valley rafter (five for the AB diagonal stretching over the Hallway and Stairs).
We did the one odd rafter first, the A1 rafter, right in the PA corner which only has a 89mm CLS top flange (as it is so short it doesn’t have webbing or a bottom flange). We went outside with this one to double check and see how it will fit and discovered that it was rather short! We concluded that because of the subtle differences in the angles of these diagonal hip and valleys rafters against the drawings, we will need to measure the length of both the shortest and longest rafters in each of these local sections of the roof and enter the results into our spreadsheet in order to adjust for real world distances. Fortunately, we hadn’t started slicing or chopping any more of the CLS timber so we updated the spreadsheet and came back in the workshop with new numbers – phew!

The Last Ten


We now have a pile of all the bits and pieces we will need to assemble and create our nine rafters tomorrow. They have been sorted into pairs so we can assemble two rafters in the template at the same time (the template is 6metres long and we can put in two shorter rafters) and save time on moving things around all the time.

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