Dec 072017

Today, we entered into the joyous task of assembling the 13 rafters that will see the completion of the “H” section of the roof (the right hand side of the house over the Utility Room, Back door and Bedroom 3).
The first run was to put together the four smallest rafters and then a further three sessions were completed before we had a problem! Shaun suffered a twinge in his lower back and had to “go slow”, see Back Muscle Twinge but we managed to finish off the final session.

These 13 rafters are now done and waiting for the next job of having their bevel ends cut and next week, being installed into the roof.
The rest of the afternoon was spent calculating the quantity of CLS timber we would need to build up a pile of material to do the “P” section, this being 10 and 9 lengths of 89mm and 63mm CLS timber respectively and a further 24 strips of the plywood webbing. Stephen brought these into the workshop to acclimatised, ready for slicing and chopping to required sizes next week.

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