Dec 112017

On this very wet and chilly Monday, we resumed work in our nice and warm workshop to finish off the manufacturing processes on our set of rafters to do the “H” section of the roof.

We sliced the bevel ends on all the 13 rafters we had to do, some were the full sized ones (nine of those) using our Bevel Slicing Machine, and the others only had just the 89mm CLS cut (three of them). These last were done using our usual chop saw as you can see below



This concludes the job of creating these rafters and as soon as the weather clears up later in the week, we will get them installed up into the roof structure. In the meantime, we will continue with preparation and assembly work to do the rafters for the “P” roof section over the Great Room, which is another 15 of them to do!

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