Today was spent on the computers, looking at the guttering, the facia and the windows, to decide on what kind of Oak we will need, what size and how much. The items we are examining are as follows:
· Facia: This would be 150mm high and at least 27mm or 40mm thick.
· Gutters: These will be 100mm high by 100mm wide and probably 20mm to 25mm thick.
and for windows ..
· Vertical frames: 40mm to 50mm thick by 75mm wide
· Lintel and sill: 50mm thick by 150mm wide.
It seems that the prices for Oak comes in a variety of different packages, bundles where width can be a little random but all the same thickness and length which is about £1200 per cubic metre of total Oak, or more precise and controlled width along with thickness and length will cost more at about £1500 per cubic. These are for seasoned Oak, but there are green waney boards that comes in at a starting price of £750 per m³.
It is an interesting choice and we have to decide on what level of work we want to do ourselves, what chance we will take to what comes in a package and what the quality of the supplied Oak is too.
More analysis and calculations are needed before we can send off the final shopping list to these timber suppliers and get a final quote.

By Shaun

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