Jun 152018

We finished off the “P” section of the Fascia boards where they connected to the temporary Downpipe Channels (which are alongside what will be the conservatory). After that bit was done, which saw the final conclusion of getting our Fascia Board up, all 77 metres of it on 15 sections of roof, all aligned up […]

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Jun 132018

Under some glorious sun, we continued with the mounting up of the Fascia Boards. We resumed on the “H” section, then around an outside corner which had it 45° bit put on, done the “I” towards a downpipe inner corner, together with the neighbouring “J” section. This joined up to the “K” long section (on […]

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Jun 122018

Yesterday we tackled the job of installing one of our Downpipe Channels for the first time, now that we have up enough Fascia board. The “AB” corner was our designated target. After careful positioning of the channel module, from below and then from above, and double checking gaps between pencil marks etc., we then proceeded […]

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Jun 092018

Yesterday and today, we carried on processing the Fascia boards, sorting out the pile of Oak pieces, taking off the bad ends, adjusting lengths for outside corners, slicing bevel ends, cutting biscuits joints and sanding down rough patches. We got sorted enough pieces so we could tongue and groove several lengths ready for the “C” […]

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Jun 072018

Yesterday and today, we continued with the processing of the set of Fascia Boards that has the 32degree slope on them, and sorted them out to form sets for the five sections of roof that are the same angle. These are the “A”, “E” (along the front of the building), “G” (the short sticking out […]

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